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Let's all collaborate and see what we hear and read from Rich on the Blog and on SitesAlive.

Day 2 some got seasick as there were rough waters.

Rich is moving through the Doldrums - what does this mean?

He is crossing the equator - Nov. 24-25 - listen and let us know what that means.

Special events (weather and others):

He hurt his back so he is having a hard time. by Karli ...
Rich has hurt his ribs and has been through storms and we should all be happy he has survived and he has to spend his Christmas holidays on his boat The Great American III.He has trouble sleeping on his injured rib cage.By:Madison..... We should all pray for him over the holidays.
Most of the other boats are going about ten knots faster because they are newer than the Great American III . By Savannah ...

I think Rich has come a far way so far. Unfortunately, he is undergoing constant pain with his back. Let's go Rich! By Lindsey
He is getting some better - he tries so hard to keep us informed.

Rich will be spending the Holidays on his boat - what might he do to celebrate? Do you think this is lonely? will you think of him during your holidays?
Rich is working very hard.I hope he feels better soon. His kids must miss him. A squid has washed up. Rich has fractured his rib. What else is going to happen!Lindsey
January 26th - Only 20 miles from the Horn - Where is this? what is the weather like?
Cape Horn is in between the tip of South America and Antarctica,and it is probably very cold in that area of the World.

Update from Jake: Friday, January 6th Rich has been on the Vendee Globe for a long time now. He is in 9th place and he is going around Cape Horn. Cape Horn can be very dangerous. The weather is probably a little cold and very windy. Cape Horn is at the tip of Antartica and he has probably came across bad waves and very bad weather.We wish Rich Wilson the best of luck...... By:Madison!!!!!
Roland Jourdain had decided to stop because he his keel came off. Samantha Davies is now overtaking into third place. Our friend, Rich Wilson, has now moved from tenth to the ninth place, possibly even going to eighth. Even so, it looks like Steve White will finish before him. Rich is basically past the strong winds by now, but Arnaud Boissiere is already dealing with more.Michel Desjoyeaux has already finished within an amazing 84 days, 3 hours 9 minutes and 9 seconds. He has beaten the previous record by about 3 days. Le Cleach has been dealing with very strong winds ever since he came within sight of England and the finishing line. In last/ eleventh place is still Norbert Sedlacek about 6,699.5 nm to go. I don’t think he will move up. He has just rounded Cape Horn. by Jake
The first skipper to arrive back in Les Sables d'Olonne is Michel Desjouyeaux. He arrived there on Sunday, February 1st. Michel Desjoyeaux was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. Michel is the first person to win the Vendee Globe two times. He won 8 years ago! Click on the link to look at the arrival videos on Michel's website: http://www.teamfoncia.com/
On Saturday, February 7th, 31 year old Armel LeCleach arrived in Les Sables d'Olonne. Many people came out to greet him as well. Rich has congratulated each of the competitors in the ship's log. He looks forward to completing the course of the race sometime by the end of February. You can cheer Skipper Rich Wilson on by sending him a note on the form on the top of his web page link ' //Send a note to Rich//.' He will be happy to hear from you!