Introduce yourselves below - a picture, slideshow, video or voicethread would be great too!
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Give your location, level in school, and something interesting about your group.
(Sept 15-Oct 15)

Our school

We will be the first to get started. We are 13 members of Ms. Storer's 6th grade class in Leeds, Maine USA. Hopefully, others will begin to introduce themselves. This is going to be a great year.

We are students at Greene Central School of Greene, ME USA. Our computer teacher, Ms. Nutting, is going to help us with this project.
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Hi all,
We are Madame Meierdirks' homeroo m group of 15 students in 6th grade at Northbrook Junior High School in Northbrook, IL. This opportunity sounds fun. Looking forward to getting into collaborating and learning something new. Cool. Thanks for making this possible.

Hello everyone!
We are 5th grade Enrichment students from Mitchell Elementary in Gadsden, Alabama. There are eleven of us. We are excited to be a part of this and learn new things.
Mitchell Elementary

We are students in technology classes Jackson School in Newton, MA . We have followed three of Skipper Rich Wilson's voyages since 2001 and look forward to following the Vendee Globe with you this fall.

Hi all!

We are students of the 9th grade, from a portuguese school, in the northern Portugal! Our school's name is Escola Secund├íria de Pa├žos de Ferreira.