Rich is going to be on his sailing boat for about 100 days!

What supplies should he take along?

Rich should bring lots of stuff like many bottles of water, food for at least 180 days ( the extra eighty just in case), alot of clothes, and all of the cards and stuff we send him because we want america to win !!!!!!!

Tools - in case he needs to repair something
Communication - radio (satellite?)

Foul weather gear for those days when it is cold and the wind is blowing.
A computer so that he can read and answer our questions that we send to him.
A camera to take pictures of the animals that he sees.
Toilet paper, and all necessary personal supplies.
Books - just in case there is time to read.

Tools: repair kits for sails and other things, swiss army knife, navagation tools (like compass, map,.....), necessary clothing especially a hat and blankets, medical kit, fishing pole and accessories,life jacket, ----Ms. Storer's class