Here are some tools to assist you with your projects. If you need further information on their use, please post to the discussion tab.
Also, add your own!


Voicethread - seems like a good choice
Google Earth - So many ways to incorporate it into a project. Free
iMovie - for those lucky enough to have macs (I have a mac at home and pcs at school) - Mr. Farmer
Photostory - From Microsoft. Free
Moviemaker - Microsoft. Free
Community Walk Maps - My kids are having a blast with this tool (the link brings you to our map). We are mixing in our study of Landforms with the Virtual Vacation Theme. Next year I envision a Landforms map. Free


1. Weather "Sticker" from Weather Underground. Free
Enter your zip code, country, airport code, etc.. then scroll down
on your weather page and you will see the window above. Click
on the "Get Your Weather Sticker" button and copy and paste the
code onto the Classroom Braids weather page.
2. The Weather Channel. Free - a little more involved than the weather underground "sticker".