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Share some of the things you think motivated Rich to take on this challenge?

He wanted America to win. Savannah

He has the courage to take on the ocean and he knows it. Ethan

He just wanted to try it out to see how it went. Jake

He wanted to take kids on a journey with him through radios, telecasts and things like that. Sammy

He wanted to take a school program and if he didn't he would never have competed in this race. Daniel

I think that he thought that it was sort of challenging. Maude

I think that it motivated him because he just wanted to try it, he enjoys sailing so much that he decided what better way to prove that I'm a good sailor than sailing solo around the world. Thomas
he wanted the Great America III to get to race.Will

Same as Savannah.I think he was motivated from his country and his family.Lindsey
I think he is motivated by the American people.Draven
What rewards might Rich be looking for?

Just to say Ha ha I won !!!!!!!!! Savannah

Respect. Ethan Davis

It seems to us that he is looking to share this experience with students around the world. Learning is its own reward. Ms. Storer's students

He might not have been looking for a reward. Jake

I don't think he was looking for a reward either. Daniel

Maybe like...a privilege to sail around to get upgrades on his boat. Maude

He might be looking for the feeling of self-accomplishment. Thomas

Just to be able to be proud of his accomplishment.Draven

List some situations Rich might encounter on his trip?

His sail might rip or he might use up all of his spare sails. Savannah

He could get lost in a storm--Kyle
He could hit iceburgs--Nick K.
He could run out of food--Brianne
He could get sick--Nathan
He might break his hull. Jake
His sail could rip. Sammy
He might have a satellite phone that malfunctions.. Daniel
His boat could get attacked by a shark. Sammy
Well, he might get seasick and not feel so good and he could come down with something and would have to forfeit. Maude
His ship could become damaged. Thomas

Read the situations above and tell us how you would react to them.

I would like to win but would be scared that a bad thing might happen! Savannah

I would be afraid of running out of food so I would bring a fishing pole--Zarin
Getting lost is scary so I would have a compass--Ashley B.
I would not want to get sick so I would bring some kind of medicine--Nick C.
Ice burgs make me afraid so I would watch where I was going--Larissa
If there were sailors around me and I didn't have a satellite phone, I would shoot off flares off the boat so that other boats could see me. Daniel
If my boat got bitten by a shark, my uncle taught me this thing...where you take a flashlight and then you shine it three times slowly and then three times fast and then just repeat it until someone comes to rescue you. This signal means 'help!' Sammy
If I were seasick, I would call a doctor and I would ask them to send over a boat and give me something to feel better or just lie down and drink some water. Maude
I would call for help if my ship became damaged. Thomas

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