external image dictionary_000.jpgNautical Glossary

Add nautical terms with their meanings - be sure to keep it in alphabetical order. Let's see how many terms we hear or read about - or maybe already know. I will start you out with a couple, can you fill in the meanings?

aft - towards the back or stern of a boat

beat - to sail a boat to windward (into the wind) by tacking

knot - Unit of speed in navigation, which is the nautical mile(1,852 metres or 6,080 feet ) per hour.i.e 1.852 km /h.

mast - A spar set upright from the deck, to support rigging, yards and sails. Masts are whole or made.

Reef -a part of a sail that is rolled and tied down to reduce the area exposed to the wind.

Reefing - The operation of reducing a sail by taking in one or more of the reefs.


Keel-a central fore-and-aft structural member in the bottom of a hull, extending from the stem to the sternpost and having the floors or frames attached to it, usually at right angles: sometimes projecting from the bottom of the hull to provide stability.