external image school-of-fusiliers-722179-ga.jpgThe ocean holds the most diverse wildlife in the world. Great American III will pass regions holding a vast array of this marine life.

This page is to record wildlife sightings during the voyage with pictures and some information about each species.

You might even add some that Rich doesn't see if you KNOW they live in the area he is passing.

With each entry include:
The date if sighted by Rich, the name of the wildlife, what this animal eats, what eats this animal and a picture.

Nov 19th - flying fish -
flying fish
flying fish
Flying fish, often preserved by drying, are a staple of the Tao people of Orchid Island. Japanese flying fish is used to make some types of sushi. They eat smaller fish in the ocean.

045peinsnow.jpg Penguins in Antarctica - WEBCAST with another participating school and Jean Pennycook in Antarctica - about Penguins

Squid washed up on the boat at the end of January. external image ap_squid_061222.jpg

Whales: Rich saw a pod of whales on Day 85. He wrote: I saw a small pod of whales cross our wake about 1/4 mile behind, one pretty big one, and an errant flying fish, heading south, all by himself. I shouted to him "Wrong way! http://vg.sitesalive.com/daily-updates/ships-log/view/339/
To see some amazing videos of whales, check out http://www.arkive.com